What would you call a cool knex gun?

Tell me what you think is youre dream knex gun

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maybe an uzzi or a ak47
Merugop7 years ago
 the sr but ive dont got enough pieces
Sr-v1isn't that good. Build the Sr-v2 if you get the pieces.
 I mean the newest but i dont got enough pieces to build it
You could just make a shorter barrel and a shorter stock, with reducedrange as a cost.
actually its probably a chaingun
DJ Radio7 years ago
The 3 bolt action guns (ZKAR, AR-4 v3, SK's bolt action on youtube)
FSSR isn't any different from my AR-4.  They have different bodies, but they have the same barrel, the same mech, similar triggers, they even shoot the same rod! (well the other bolt actions do too).