Whats a cool way to finish the outside of my garage pond?

I throught together this pond before winter out of a plastic pond, a liner and a couple cinder blocks. Before a clean out any junk and stock it with fish, whats cool way to fishish the outside. Its got the liner hanging out and is a eye sore. Id like to tack cinder blocks around it but I would need 50 and at 2 bucks a piece thats a bit expensive for me. Any ideas to do it cheaply?  

Picture of Whats a cool way to finish the outside of my garage pond?
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Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Put water in it.
imthatguy1125 (author)  Dr. Pepper6 years ago
There is just no in the pic. It had a hole in it so I had to put a pond liner in it.
I think it needs more frogs. Or maybe newts. Some sort of amphibians. They don't have to be exotic, or brightly colored, or poisonous, or anything like that. I'm just saying...
Yeah, or maybe a snake.
Sure, but it would have to be a swamp-snake, like a water moccasin or something like it. I mean it couldn't be a diamondback, because that's a desert-snake, and it wouldn't really fit with the "water" theme.
Re-design6 years ago
Dry stack flat rocks (cheap) around the outside and make it look kinda natural.
imthatguy1125 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Flat Rocks? Wouldn't that take a ton, its 18 inches tall but if it works I like the idea.
Not a ton but probably a couple hundred pounds. Home Depot usually sells them as do most landscaping /tree nurserys.
imthatguy1125 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
How much should I expect to pay, I want to keep under 30 bucks.
You'll have to check around. There is a rock seller near me that sells by the pound. About 10 - 15 cents a lb.
imthatguy1125 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Thats a decent price, Ill start checking around. Thanks By the way, is that your tarantula?
craftyv6 years ago
The pond would be better in a shallow scooped out crater, with soil pressed up around the bottom holding it in place. Where the liner drapes over the edges (all round) secure with pot plants and pebbles. I have one similar and I have it surrounded by grasses in pots. Good luck with it.
imthatguy1125 (author)  craftyv6 years ago
I had that but got fed up with all the leaves dirt, runoff, rain, and other pests getting in it
I'll lay good odds that'll collapse when you fill it.

imthatguy1125 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Its been full for over 4 months, lol.