What's a good Pot size for circuit bending?

 What's a good average Potentiometer size for circuit bending? Or is it a good idea to have multiple of different sizes around? Is it anywhere from 500 to 10k? Or 1k - 10k?

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frollard7 years ago
never hurt to have multiple around.  10k is a pretty standard size, and having larger/smaller never hurt.  Go with a smaller low side - you can always add a series resistor if its too low.
....and if you're playing with audio circuits, a logarithmic tracked pot or two is very handy.
have you found them better than the linear ones for  bending toys? i've been using linear ones so far...thanx
If you're messing with audio, log pots are useful for volumes, for nearly anything else linear.
thanx much...I'm shaping the sounds mainly and not dealing with volumes
Zem (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
 What's a logarithmic tracked pot?
One you have to use in an audio application. It has a track whose resistance varies logarithmically with rotation.