What's a good airsoft gun with about 260-275 FPS and is a spring loaded bolt action or not bolt action?Under $65?

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Owenmon8 years ago
Your alive! Again!

Anyways, I don't know of many bolt-action airsofts. But I do have one that's 275 FPS, Spring loaded, and about 25 $. But it's a pistol.

The Crosman Stinger P9 Soft Air Pistol!
Bartboy Owenmon8 years ago
You can get it for 18 at walmart:
Not sure if that helps...
Owenmon Bartboy8 years ago
Bartboy Owenmon8 years ago
But it's walmart. My family refuses to shop at walmart.....
lgreenwood26 years ago
A Spring Loaded Full Metal Gear Pistol Airsoft Gun $15 at Amazon.com
sharlston7 years ago
dasiy red ryder
Wafflicious (author)  sharlston7 years ago
isnt that a bb gun
it shoots plastic and metal pellets trust me ive had it