Whats a good rockband name? (for wii)

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rickharris7 years ago
yokozuna7 years ago
Doris and the Dust Bunnies.
Led Zeppelin.
.   I'm kinda partial to:
I prefer "Tool."
Oh... I see what you did there.
You are eeeeevil. :-)
orksecurity7 years ago
No, I don't think "What" is a good rock band name. Then again, I wouldn't have thought The Who was a good name either, but it seems to have worked.

To answer the question you intended to ask: Anything that isn't already taken, that amuses you, that isn't already taken, that will be easy for your fans to remember, that isn't already taken, that can be said on the radio, and ideally that will help attract attention from folks who aren't fans yet. And that isn't already taken.

Play with words until you find something. Or look at poetry. Or news paper headlines. Or random password generators. Or anything else that might give you ideas.

In the end, it probably doesn't matter all that much. A good band name is one that has a good band behind it. If the music is there, the name will become known, no matter how silly or how bland. "The Alan Parsons Project" sounds like -- and rumor has it, originally was -- an academic exercise, but that didn't stop the group from developing a strong following.
Heck, a lot of the instructables names might make good band names. (Green Garbage Grabber? Bird Call? Rubber Bands On Steroids?)

Burf7 years ago
Burnt Bunz