What's a good wall color for a room with dark green carpet?

Currently the walls and ceilings are white, and the carpet as stated is dark green. It feels very cold in that room. It is northeast facing. Photo is of shoes on the carpet in this room.

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Jademadina7 years ago
I find warm apricot or peach is best warm up the room as i got green carpet too.  its cosy in winter but still nice & bright in summer too.
Gorfram8 years ago
To warm up the room, I'd go for a sunny golden yellow.
vanwagnm8 years ago
tan or browns --think green == grass ..
Silver_Kate8 years ago
if you like bold do black or a shade of black like do gray. if you like more romantic do white or off white. just rember the furniture and drapes will pull the 2 colors together.
I think a light green would look good. But like other said, grab a few paint squares from the store and compare them to your carpet. I had an idea to paint my room green with dark blue trim, it was good on paper but made the room WAY TOO DARK.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Grab a bunch of paint chips from the paint store and put them up to the carpet to see if it looks nice. You can never go wrong with beiges, tans, earthtones from pumpkin orange to reddish-browns. It depends on your taste and what you want to do with the room- hide the carpet color/make it a dark or lighter room. Paint a sky mural all over if you want it to look like a golf course. You have to see what your budget will allow, just paint or maybe try a faux style finish. Good luck.
frollard8 years ago
A nice way to complement the dark green would be a light (or even just off-white) green. blues or reds might look silly or overly festive. White is a safe bet... Purples go well (again, a light, pastel) would lighten but contrast the carpet.