Whats an easy but cool way to make a unique friendship bracelet?

Just something thats not so generic looking. thank you!!

roodadoo8 years ago
you could try my instructable, it is call a wrapped friendship bracelet
This is a really cool and easy way!!!!!!

Spin down to your local pet store and snatch up a thin leather leash. You can do TONNES of fun stuff with leather. To make twists, cut lengthwise slits into the leather and feed an end through the hole. Pull it tight, and admire your fancy handiwork. You can also insert beads this way-- cutting slits just long enough to stuff a bead in, then feeding copper wire through the bead hole, and wrapping it tight. Cut it to size, allowing for an extra inch of wrist-room. If you want to get fancy with it, you can use copper wire to bind the ends together, and finish it. If you're doing this on a dime, you can always use paper clips. My boyfriend has been wearing a necklace built in this style for two years, and it still looks great.
cosgrove8 years ago
Try this instructable - https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-friendship-bracelets-using-a-braiding-disc/ but use seven different colored wools, and maybe add some beads or charms to the actual bracelet, use you imagination, and make it personal!