What's an easy way to strip the green felt off of a tennis ball?


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use an automotive paint solvent,it will dissolve the adhesive that binds the felt to ball.It wiped off  the carpeting on my cars floormats so a tennis ball is a slamdunk.
afridave7 years ago
Re-design7 years ago
I got a dog that'll do it for you.  It's one of his favorite passtimes.

+1, and me too.

What ? You LIKE ripping tennis ball felt off with your teeth too ? 
Beats flossing....
Or you could just get a racketball.  They are close to the same size and start out bald.
Fizzxwizz7 years ago
I think he means to use the felt.  But I'm not sure.
You could try shaving it... Or just run a lighter flame by...