What's the Robot's name?

A site a great as this should not have some random robot as a logo.  What's it's name, and if it doesn't have one, why not.
Contest anyone?

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mole11 year ago

If it's not Robot, my vote is for 'Instructo'

Katjarichards (author) 1 year ago

I like Instructo! Also gender neutral (lest we open that can of worms.....

No worms - Robot has been male since he was first drawn, ten years ago.


bwrussell1 year ago

Did someone switch my Instructables link with Tumblr?

Katjarichards (author) 1 year ago

@Josehf, had I known you were a Robot (WITH A NAME, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) I would have skipped the shenanigans and asked you first.

@Downunder, Amazon has Unicorn tears. But if you can't find them............

I smell an Instructable!

Katjarichards (author) 1 year ago

@Iceng, for some reason I can hear "Hello Dave......" from 2001 and it gave me the creeps :)

@Downunder35m: equal amounts of baking soda and Unicorn tears will get the hydraulic fluid off your monitor.

Still think our Robot is female. Instructables is about invention (or problem solving, creativity, nurturing ideas). Therefore, I will call her "Mother". The embodiment of all that ( unless you're Joan Crawford).

I'll let the rest of you fight it out

Baking Soda I have but am a bit short on unicorn tears :(

Just thinking of modern times and how many people are here....

Wouldn't it be great to have an animated robot?
A little animation to show you around and for the help areas, like in the old Windows days with the weird little guys popping up all the time.
Or robot doing the interviews with the authors... ;)

Robby for the boys Roberta for the girls.

Kiteman1 year ago

Robot has a name.

Robot's name is Robot.

Robot doesn't need any other name.

I always suspected you for a mean character but I never thought you would go that far man!
Just check what you did!

Now I can't enjoy this website anymore because poor Robot is on every page somewhere - and he is crying his eys out.
I have hydraulic fluids running down my monitor and messing up my desk :(
Why do people always assume robots have no feelings, did you never see Bender crying or being depressed???
Go, do the right the right thing and give poor old Robot a big hug!
Just imagine our Robot get's depressed too now and just runs away in the middle of the night, I better take some screenshots to remember him....


Er, wut?


You have no heart for our sensible and nice robot LOL
Still wiping his hydraulic fluids off my screen ;)

iceng1 year ago

The word Robot is a Czechoslovak invention.

As a Slovak born in Praha, I like the protagonist R. Daneel Olivaw in Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Earth books as a very suitable name.

Hello Daneel ...

iceng1 year ago

Remember I TOBOR

Katjarichards (author) 1 year ago

Has anyone asked Robot what It's name is? Why assume it's a he? Maybe he's crying because all the other robots have names: R2D2, CP3O, Robby the Robot, Gigantor, Bender........

Bestowing a name is a sign of respect and affection. People do as people know (heavy sigh) :P

Katjarichards (author) 1 year ago

Not to insult Robot, but calling such a fine example of AI 'Robot' is like calling 'Instructables' just another DIY site. I'll go with Ballycumber (in my own mind of course). It's weird enough to be respectable.

Thanks for the education :)


Yonatan241 year ago

He is not a random robot. He is the Instructables robot. He gets insulted when people say that :)

Contest what? There has already been an I'bles Robot Contest.