Whats the best all round knex pistol?

Hi its megametal8

I was wondering whats the best knex?!

I also want to build an army off them

No cut pieces
Not too big
True trigger
Good looks
Good range

That may seem like quite a lot but they add up to the best i guess

Oh yeah i also want a flick knife if you've made a good one!!

Soooo go find one of the best and there MUST be a link to it

ps- If you can't make up your mind you can choose up to 3

Thanks megametal8

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Seleziona7 years ago
This one is my all time favorite: THE TBOS
f you want to make it a little better, look at the pic that knexfreek posted near the bottom of the page!
Killer safe cracker's E.A.P, I've made the mezak and T.B.O.S, but the aep is the best!
DJ Radio7 years ago
Jackal v4

Has a removable clip, is extremely sturdy and reliable, and in some cases, users report a shotgun effect, which I never experienced, but it's still cool because in all reports, all rounds get the same range and good spread.
I thought you left?
It's oblivitus now... He's taking over for him while kNeXFreek is gone.
Oblivitus never built my Jackal v4, Knexfreek however built it and liked it.
MegaMetal8 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago

sorry ive made it before its an awesome gun
Whoops I forgot you already made it.  I can't really keep track of who did what when it numbers in the hundreds.
MegaMetal8 (author) 7 years ago
lol selez

i just made this in the morning before youd done your comment here LOL

Sorry I'm late for replying, but lol! Awesome!