What's the best broadband collimated light source?

I am measuring the transmittance of different glass samples using integrated sphere and a radio spectrometer.... the light source that I am using currently is a Halogen car head light... but it is neither collimated nor bright enough..... 

Could you please suggest what light source shell I be using...
Moreover could you please have a look at the pic attached and suggest any improvements in my method of transmittance measurement..

I'll be very thankful to you for any assistance in this regard.

Kind Regards

Picture of What's the best broadband collimated light source?
I'd use an reflector, to preserve as much IR and UV from the source as possible -assuming you're trying for the widest possible bandwidth.
raishikoh (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thanks for the reply

I just wanna ask if you had done some work related to transmittance measurements in the integrated sphere.
Currently I am measuring the transmittance of different glass samples (UV reflector, structured glass e.t.c). I am having a real tough time. Would you please guide me through the process that's needed to measure the transmittance.

What light source shell I be using? The one that I am using currently is not a good one I am not able to measure anything.

I'll be really thankful to you for this favour. Thanks
Show me your optical bench setup. What wavelengths are you testing over ?

What do you mean by "can't measure anything" ? Do you mean you can't see any difference in the sample data ? Or you can't GET any sample data ?What is the detector on the sphere ? PMT or photodiode or what ?
Where's the sample relative to the integraTING sphere ?