What's the best chair you've ever used?

I am going to build a chair and I'm in the design/research phase. What are some standout examples of chair design both in terms of functionality and style that you've encountered?

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Re-design6 years ago
5 gal. steel paint bucket with a plywood top covered in 2" foam and naugahide.

It would hold a ton of stuff when fishing and was especially nice when deer hunting. much nicer to sit on than the ground, a bolder or downed tree.
The aeron chairs are amazing, and I've always loved the eames lounge chair and ottoman, and the LCW and DCW chairs.
orksecurity6 years ago
For office chairs, the one that made a lot of people go "oh wow" was the Aeron. Highly adjustable, very high quality, reasonably attractive. And priced appropriately.
... where "appropriately" emphatically does not mean "cheap".
caarntedd6 years ago
Upturned milk crate with a piece of carpet for padding. Perfect for cooking on a campfire, or working on your motorcycle Also makes a good step for reaching high shelves in your garage. If you turn it the right way up, it makes a great storage container. Easy to carry and fits five wide across the tray of your utility vehicle (if you have stolen that many).
. Be careful when using them as steps. I have an old one that I recently put my heel through. They get brittle over time. Many sharp edges that I wouldn't want to put my leg through.
Turn it sideways and it's a shelf just the right height for ring binders. I have two stacked next to my desk.
Absolutely. The possibilities are endless. I don't know where you are in the world, but where I come from a 9kg propane cylinder fits in one perfectly too!