What's the best flight simulator for me?

I have a decent computer (XP, ~1.5 Ghz CPU). I love dogfighting but that's not all I do. I have a joystick and throttle (pretty crappy but I might upgrade soon as well as get some rudder pedels).

cShellPro5 years ago
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game
and X-Plane is a flight simulator.
zholy8 years ago
I would suggest IL-2 Sturmovik !!! One of the best flight simulators ever. Very realistic flight simulations ... and in my opinion it has the best dogfights ever. No guided missiles ... just machine guns and cross-hair :) Try it ... I just bought (TODAY) on Ebay original CDs for 1.75 GBO. Have a look on youtube and make your own opinion.

There are two free (open source) ones that I know of, FlightGear and Gl-117.  Gl-117 is an "Action" flight simulator so more of what you are looking for.