Whats the best portable media device?

What do you guys think is the best portable media device. Im looking for something that I can watch movies on, play music, read e-books, games, any other kind of gadgets.

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Joe Martin8 years ago
An archos, there simply brilliant! They can do everything stated above but also watch and record tv, share pictures, and on most newer models browse the internet. They also use a touch screen and have super simple navigation.
I'll second the Archos. I have an old one (no touch screen), but it's ideal as a portable back-up for all my important photos. The TV is a waste of time, though - carrying the antennae triples the size of the pack you're carrying, and it only works in areas with very strong signals.
Hopefully after the switchover (2012 for me) these devices should work with the little antenna you get. I bought a freeview stick for my laptop but haven't used it as it needs to to be pugged in to the main aerial (Which is next the tv) :P
seth200018 years ago
PSPs are alot cheaper than An archos
although An archos from what I,ve read is better psps are cheaper
seth200018 years ago
iPodGuy8 years ago