Whats the best pump-action knex gun?

Whats the best pump action

i dunno which one to make

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1825157 years ago
Even though there is a best answer you might like my pump action.
MegaMetal8 (author)  1825157 years ago
Its a good gun but

have you seen the instructions?!
Look at my first one you mihgt find those instructisn better
An Villain7 years ago

My personal favorites.
Adamsdead Shotgun 3.0:
Fast rate of fire, simple mechanisms, stock, and very easy to use.
Basic, rock solid, compact weapon, easy to use, not easy to build.
Lots of pieces, never fails, large magazine, comfortable, and looks cool.

This is a list of all of my favorites.

these are really good and better than mine, ive just joined and can you have a look at mine and say if i should post instructions-


sorry dont know how to link
KnexFreek7 years ago
The most powerful one is the tankbow. Runner up is the knexsayer
DJ Radio7 years ago
Adamsdead's pump action if you modify it enough