Whats the best way to cover up exposed screws?

I read somewhere that using vacuum plugs would work. But I don't have any of them. So what would you do?

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Burf5 years ago
Depending on what the project is, I'd either countersink the screw and fill the hole with a wooden dowel. Otherwise, I would use snap cap screw buttons like in the picture.
screw buttons.jpg
powerman666 (author)  Burf5 years ago
Hey great!. I actually meant how to cover the sharp side that is poking out. Your comment made me think though I could use another small piece of wood so the sharp end goes into it and not all the way through. This project I am working on I will have my hands inside of alot so I want the nice and covered so I don't get hurt.
If the screws are pocking out the other end you need to use shorter screws. If they are only poking out a little then file the tips down before you screw them in. As always pre-drill the screw hole so you don't split the wood and it won't matter if the screw has a pointy tip or not.
File the ends of the screws off - because they are pointed this only takes a few strokes of a file


if you are power crazed a dremmel does the job just as well.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Shorter screws?