What's the difference between Christmas and X-mas? Or is there none?

What I said above.  Also, if there is no difference, then why do they come up with "X-mas" as a name anyways?

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It shortens the word so it is easier to write out millions of times on your christmas cards. Also it is a slang word that has been put into popular use. I'd agree on bartboys explanation. There is no difference in meaning between the two words, Xmas is just shorter than Christmas.

The greek letter that looks much like an X is called a Chi, and is pronounced with much throat. There is no letter P in the greek alphabet. There is a letter that looks similar to a P but is pronounced like an R.

X-mas is just a way of avoiding the Religious meaning of the word by shortening "Christ", and is therefore used much in commercial sales and whatnot.
She's talking about the chi-rho combination, which is a Latin abbreviation for Christ. It's called the labarum. The X in X-mas isn't meant to replace Christ, it's just an abbreviation. Seminary students use X for Christ and Jesus when taking notes in class.
An Villain7 years ago
Christmas is the proper term, it is an abbreviation of christ's mass, were X-mas is a slang word.
hungyhipo 27 years ago
actualy in one culture x stands for Christ so it is Christmas
Knave1258 years ago
X is Greek for Christ,so instead of saying Christmas you can say X-mas and that means the same thing a as Christmas.
The Jamalam8 years ago
X is very similar to a specific greek letter. It's pronounced very similar to "Christ", so people put Xmas because it should be pronounced the same, but can be written shorter.
X is greek for 'chr'
P is Greek for 'ist'
The Greek Orthidox Church started shortening Christmas to X-Mas.
This was on the History channel the other day.
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Guardians388 years ago
X-mas and christmas mean the same thing but x-mas is what the government came up with so that christians didnt use the word "christ"
Xmas in the Catholic Religion is a disrespectful word for when Jesus Christ was born. That's why there have been many fights over the word Christmas and Xmas.
seandogue8 years ago
In addition to Bartboy's suggestion (a popular choice), another  popular explanation is that it's short for "Christ" via the greek...
X (chi) is the first letter in the Greek for Jesus.

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Check this out.
webstarts8 years ago
 X-mas is simply an abbreviation for Christmas.  
Bartboy8 years ago
No difference, X-mas is just shorter.
I think it probably has to do with the whole idea that Christ was put on a cross,
and "X" is a cross.