What's the flexible arm called on lamps and other things?

Kind of like a snake....

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dog digger4 years ago
Just call it a simple gooseneck
noahh4 years ago
That would be gooseneck.
"3, sah."
" +3!"

(my many apologies to MP for that...)
5 is right out!
alpe_97 (author)  noahh4 years ago
Thanks! At first i thought it was called flexible metal arm...
zilcho4 years ago
It's a flexible steel conduit, I think you can get it in different sizes at home depot.
CNCSnap4 years ago
It's a Flexible Steel Conduit.

Bliss liquid-tight flexible conduit A2066 is UL listed and guarantees durability and safety as the best choice for flexible conduits on the market.Flexible metal conduits can be used in a wide scope of applications including lamps, communications, air conditioning systems, and fire alarm systems. Flexible conduits. Flexible conduits can also solve the problems found within wiring and pipeline constructions.
The lamps neck?
acidbass4 years ago
its called the following;
goose neck
flexi neck
flexi arm
adjustable arm/neck/support.