Whats the funniest song ever?

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lemonie7 years ago

17 people died laughing from that song before the tapes were destroyed.- please show some respect...

I never bought that album, is it worth seeking-out?

blkhawk7 years ago
Look for Goofballs in Paradise

They have a few hilarious songs!
acidbass7 years ago
dead milkmens taking retards to the zoo and bitching camaro(make sure you listen to the FULL intro to the latter) and of course sit on my face and tell me that you love me
Big Balls - AC/DC
Have to say I nearly said the same.
I only picked that one because you already called out "Sit On My Face". Great minds think alike.... and so do ours. ;-)
Masochism Tango Tom Lehrer Actually pretty well anything Lehrer ever wrote apart from the stuff in Sesame street,
"Sit on my face and tell me that you love me."

Monty Python
Re-design7 years ago
Abba Zaba