What's the most eye-catching / attractive Instructable you have ever seen?

Something that really impresses you.

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paganwonder8 years ago

Any 'ible by giannyl  (but my wife doesn't like me watching them, go figure) 
Seriously though-  I can't surf this site long without finding the COOLEST project I've ever seen  (I'm big on DIY) 

Indeed. Practically every time I log on, I get a new favorite 'ible. I love this site. On a related topic: Wow, giannyl is really pretty.

Oh, and happy Midwinter.
Happy Midwinter to you as well!
I'm rather fond of the LED Pasties Instructable that jessyratfink did. Although to be honest, I'm not sure I can claim that it's only the project that I find interesting.
I'll second that one for visual appealing. that's a tasti pasti.

no wonder yer wif is raving.

Yeah, as if living with me wasn't crazy-making enough just on it's own merits.