What's the most part-use weapons made of knex?

I have about 105 pounds of knex (yeah yeah look at pics) and I want to build something really big, but I don't want to build the Heavy Cannon v1 because i've built v3 and v5. I also don't want to build the Vivisector because that's (as my friend would say it) weak sauce. So is there any high piece count knex weapons that aren't that boring to build and shoots far?

Picture of What's the most part-use weapons made of knex?
Rollercoaster and Some etc knex.jpg
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TheDunkis7 years ago
Big=/=cool. I can understand wanting a big weapon (I swear to god, little 10 year olds, if you react to that comment I'll open a can of whoop-*** on you) but you don't need the most piece consuming one possible. I'd go for the K'nexsayer if you want something beasty and fun. The Sr-v2 would probably be one of your best bets for something somewhat piece consuming and very powerfu if the KS doesn't interest you. There are other large weapons that hardly shoot though (I'm still looking at you, 10 year olds)
What's with the 10 year old comments?
knexpeople7 years ago
Heavy cannon v1= pure pwnage
Jesus.7 years ago
If you can build it from the pictures.


*cough*Heavy cannon v1*cough*
DJ Radio7 years ago