What's the most simplified way to light up an XBOX 360 once you have a window installed?

I have 2 XBOX 360's that I'm trying to mod myself.  One, with blue lights and one with red lights.  I already have the Talismoon fans and the Talismoon wind tunnel.  I just need to know if there is  anything else that I can easily wire up that would brighten up the case.  I have a soldering iron but that's hard for me.  I've already ruined 2 controllers.  I need more practice.  I can paint controllers and cases pretty good but the electronic part is what's hard for me.  Thanks for any help.

andreblue7 years ago
Red is easy. Just tape over all the vent holes and it'll light up red all by itself within a few minutes. ;-)
lemonie7 years ago
Have a look at what some other people did:
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-for ideas.
If you're in need of improvement with soldering:
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