Whats this movie?

In one part the kids were watching tv and it went fuzzy like in the picture and a person was talking through it and guys with buisiness suits and the kids saving their brother.  Please help!

Picture of Whats this movie?
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gurame2 years ago


orksecurity6 years ago
Hm. There was a recent (horror?) film which had something to do with television noise. It got pretty dreadful reviews and it isn't my style anyway, so I paid no attention.

Though your photo shows sunlight on water, not static.
It was White Noise!
Ah. I remembered a title having something to do with static or noise or something of that sort, but that was all I remembered.

builderkidj (author) 6 years ago
It wasnt a horror film but in one part the kids had saved their little brother...Or was it their dad...But they were flying through a tube and when the guys in suits grabed the brothers hands his eyes would glow and he would be evil but when they werent touching he would be normal.
lemonie6 years ago
Polter Geist?
Gonna have to tell us a little more than that...Considering there are 1,000,000+ movies....