What's wrong with Gmail, and what can I do about it?

This morning, when I tried to open up Gmail (my only email provider), it switched to Google Calender after about two seconds. I log in, see my inbox, then it switches. Any ideas as to why/how this is happening andhow I can fix it?



Gorfram7 years ago
My gmail was at "Not Found - Errror 404" for a while last night, but was back up and acting normal just a few moments ago. So maybe it's the classic software fix known as "wait awhile & then try it again"?
Gorfram7 years ago
Thanks for giving me "Best Answer" :)

(I hope this means your Gmail is back up & functional?)
noahh (author)  Gorfram7 years ago
It turns out that it had something to do with the Gmail add-on for Firefox. i uninstalled the add-on, and now it's working fine.
cephalopoid7 years ago
Maybe they were moving servers or something. The cloud is not as fixed to one place as you might think.