When I change the volume on my volume wheel on my computer it presses a key?

I'm a huge gamer and this is really annoying.  When i turn down the volume or turn it up, it will press some keys on my keyboard (i think it might be "X" and "B".  I dont knoe why it does this, can someone help?

frollard4 years ago
sounds like you have a crossed wire in your keyboard (water damage?) Keyboards have a matrix input where any given key shares wires with about a dozen other keys. If something is shorted in the matrix, pressing one key will invariably press other keys (according to the computer).

Does it happen when you change the volume without a keyboard shortcut in the operating system or just when pressing a volume key?

If this is a laptop, that's an expensive fix to find a replacement keyboard, but most likely a stuck membrane = pull it apart, blow it out with canned air duster, and reassemble can fix it.
builderkidj (author)  frollard4 years ago
Oh...just...just awesome...Now i have to go and pull apart my entire laptop to fix it...great...I thought it was just something with the game...well, thanks for your help.
My wireless keyboard does funny things if I load the default microsoft driver BUt does the right things with it's correct driver.