When did Compuserve start issuing "modern" e-mail addresses?

Years ago a lot of people had Compuserve e-mail, but their address would be 83246911541@compuserve.com or similar. I'm too lazy to go looking this evening, so I wondered if anyone here had one and knew when they migrated?


kelseymh8 years ago
Read it yourself :-)  Apparently in 1996.  Interestingly, your chosen example is not valid -- the addresses were all in octal (so digits 0-7 only).
lemonie (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
I didn't think it would be that easy...


seandogue8 years ago
oh cheez. I had a "real" address @ compuserv , you just had to be clever about it. Lolz didn't even realize they were still in the game