When i sell on ebay, and there isn't a purchase, do i have to still pay fees?

suppose i sell something for so and so dollars. and at the end of the auction time, there isn't a buyer. do i still have to pay anything?

Kiteman8 years ago
Yes, you have to pay for the listing itself.

You will (usually) have to pay a further fee if the item sells, based on the final selling price.
Bartboy Kiteman8 years ago
How much is the initial fee?
Kiteman Bartboy8 years ago
Sorry, I'm mistaken.

If you don't set a reserve, don't have a high starting price, only add one picture and it doesn't sell, then there's no fee.

Ebay (UK) fees.

Ebay (USA) fees.
Joe Martin8 years ago
It all depends on what you are selling, the starting bid and the final selling price.

For more information on exact fees visit: