When laying self stick tile, is it a good idea to use glue to be on the safe side?

These are self stick tiles that come 10-12 tiles per box. Each tile is 1 square foot. This tile is cheap, running about $10.00 a box.

jtp1398 years ago
I have done 2 bathrooms in those tiles and have never had a problem. They are super sticky.
intranaut (author)  jtp1398 years ago
Thank you. That makes a working man's life easier.
Burf8 years ago
I used them in my workshop to give me a smooth, easy to clean surface. I've had no problems with them coming loose. Just make sure the surface to which you apply them is dry and scrupulously free of oils and dust and install them in a relatively warm room. Keep a blow dryer handy to warm them up a little and they should stick with no problems. I used a steel drum turf roller afterwards to make sure they were making good contact with the floor but you can just step on them, particularly around the edges for a nice bond.
seandogue Burf8 years ago
agreed. heat is good to keep them flexible and adhesive warm enough to fully adhere. roller is really nice to ensure good contact, especially along edges, and an absolutely clean surface is really important to getting the tiles to stick well. Extra adhesive might be a bad idea. If you need to replace a tile, getting it off the floor with extra glue or mastic on an already relatively inexpensive tile will be a pain, and unless you glue very evenly, you may make the tile more susceptible to cracking, since self stick tiles are usually made of very thin material. I would advise you to buy an extra box though, since they do wear out and break and lift from time to time, and what's available now may not be in a year or two when something goes wrong and you find you need a few replacements. After all, they're not made of stone.