When making paper beads, is there anything you can substitute for clear varnish?

Like maybe glue or something? Or is clear varnish the only thing you can use?

Nail polish does work great but it is rather expensive if you are going to make a lot of beads. I wind my beads on a bead roller I made which makes a 1/16" hole. I use Judikins Diamond Glaze and or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to coat my beads. I pour a small amount into a small 3 oz paper cup and dip my beads into the glaze. I use plastic toothpicks, I found on Amazon, to stick my beads on to dip them. The beads stick a little to the stick so I use flat nose pliers to hold the pick while I twist off the bead. If you use wood toothpicks, and they get stuck, it is next to impossible to remove the bead from the pick. If you want the colors of your bead to get enhanced more, you can brush on regular gloss mod podge first then dip them in the final glaze. I found beads made with regular high gloss modge podge tend to stick to each other when stored. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
rickharris1 year ago
Yep Nail varnish is great AND comes with it's own brush and in many colours.

great project for kids to do.
Jessie Marie (author)  rickharris1 year ago
Thanks, and good points, too.
rachl0091 year ago
Clear nail polish?

I've made paper beads where you wrap a long strip of magazine paper around a straw or toothpick. I used white glue to stick it to itself, and after it dried I painted them with clear nail polish. It made them shiny and stiffer.

You could also use mod podge, which is basically white glue, but it wouldn't be as shiny, I think.
Jessie Marie (author)  rachl0091 year ago
Thanks for the tips!
mole11 year ago
You can dip them in wax. Cheap... and shiny if buffed.
mole1 mole11 year ago
I put them on a nail to dip them.
Jessie Marie (author)  mole11 year ago
Okay, thanks for the tip!