When was duct tape invented?


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Matt214978 years ago
1942 When the military started calling medical tape duck tape because of the way the water came off of it. The military used it to cover up and waterproof there ammunition boxes
wilcurt8 years ago
1942 is when people started using "Duck" tape. Masking tape was in the 1920's. And "Duct" tape started being used in 1970's
gmxx8 years ago
in 1942...

see here:LINK
frollard gmxx8 years ago
lol at googling the query for wikipedia... why not just go to wiki to start with :D? Awesome stuff.
gmxx frollard8 years ago
because it was a question that if you had googled would have yielded the answer.
frollard gmxx8 years ago
but being a tangible thing - you could search within wikipedia: but to search in google the words duct tape and wikipedia... is lol :D
gmxx frollard8 years ago
i was making a point.... i wanted the results of the thing to go to the wikipedia article, since that is where i found the answer
frollard gmxx8 years ago
indeed :D You get what I mean tho...