When you get mentally stuck, how do you get your mind back to pumping out awesome ideas and find new inspiration?

Everyone gets mental blocks. You look at something you have, you know it's something cool and would probably look awesome if you could only think of what to do with it. But you just can't think what to do! So i'm just wondering where you guys find new inspiration? Do you collect cool stuff, make a list of problems and see if you can you use cool stuff in those problems? Do you look at something and think you can do better? do you sell your soul to Satan for good ideas? or look at an instructable and think crap, that's so easy and looks sleek and cool, why didn't I think of that (IE fungusamongus's new triple dial clock) So.... Let me know what you all do.

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There are many ways to get inspiration, but you might not have thought of this one: Try some silence and stillness.

These days, silence is very hard to find. Many people even fear it or hate it. We use background music, TV, books, blogs, and (if all else fails) sleep to avoid it.

Attempt to do absolutely nothing for about half an hour- don't listen to music, don't watch the clock, don't even try to exercise creative or engineering skills. Just sit. Then grab some paper and a pencil.

It may not be a theory of quantum gravity, but you are guaranteed to come up with something as a result.
Actually, that may cause you to become mentally insane over time. The fact that your mind is unused for an elongated period of time makes you either (Very rarely) hallucinate, or create great ideas. I use this as a source of inspiration all the time. Otherwise, take a break, do something else, Parkour/Freerun, something to get your mind off everything. -PKT (Formerly RoAr)
"mentally insane"? I think many millennia of perfectly sane people without iPods and TVs would argue otherwise. : ) But even were that true, plenty of famously creative folks have had their eccentricities.
thepepper948 years ago
To unplug your creativity pipes, all you need to do is DANCE.
ChrysN8 years ago
Go for a walk, that usually helps me clear mental blocks. Do a brainstorming session by jotting down some ideas, whatever pops into your mind, it could be anything and maybe a great idea will appear. Practice visualization, imagine the objects, tools, raw material you want to use and play around with them in your mind. Sleep on it: think about the stuff you have that you might like to use in a project before you go to bed. You may wake up with an idea. (I've used this in problem solving before -I think when you are asleep things are able to bubble up from your subconscious mind). Like NobodyInParticular said, allow your mind to become still and silent, this is like mediation. Just focus on your breathing, some ideas may bubble up.
110100101108 years ago
go out for hours with friend(s) and share

go backpack

imitate backpack - sleep outside in sleepbag

imitate imitate backpack - push a big computer desk to the window and sleep on it

hear some new music. to me the 4 trance sessions here (especially the earlier ones) are magic (i dont know how)

watch some movie that makes you open your mouth for its entire length (to me some anime movies are like that)
kelseymh8 years ago