Where Can I buy a piezo buzzer element? And please don't say radio shack because they went under years ago?


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azharz4 years ago
You can find Piezo buzzer in various things like college answering buzzer and musical greeting cards, etc. But if you want u buy the piezo, these are good websites
Dr.Bill7 years ago


jtobako8 years ago
The two or three radio shacks I pass on the way to school would be surprised to find out that they went under years ago : )
110100101108 years ago
like GuardianFox said look into cheap cards / toys etc many microwaves use piezo buzzer for the beep
You can buy them online from Jameco
lemonie8 years ago
The Radio Shack Corporation is still in business.
And they sell Piezo buzzers through their website.

There's one in every musical or talking greeting card.
rich_moe8 years ago
A big-box hardware store (the one with letters written in orange or perhaps the one with letters written in blue) that sells doorbells should have one (that's where I got my last one...)