Where Can i buy a cricket bat?

I Live in the US and would like to buy a cricket bat for a Doctor Who prop I'm making, and i don't know where to but one

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If you don't intend to actually win a Test series, why not just make a model of one ? Steve
Aztof8 years ago
one of my friends has a cricked bat, I'll ask her where she got it Cricket is AWESOME!
seandogue8 years ago
But if a model isn't what you want (great idea steve), her's one from Dick's sporting goods for ~$27

erm, on second thought, that's mini bat...the regulars cost upwards of $200. Maybe you could use that pic as something to build a model from.
That last is probably the best answer. If this is a prop, it doesn't have to be particularly functional; you could probably make something "good enough" out of plywood, or even cardboard covered with wood-pattern shelf paper.
agreed. (although I'm starting to like the idea of a plastic bat, like the Kiteman suggested...just squish the bat flat to form the cricket end.) A bit safer too
Kiteman8 years ago
Bargains can crop up on ebay (just watch the postage, bats are heavy). Have you considered buying a cheap plastic toy bat and painting it to look like real one?
Re-design8 years ago