Where around the house can you find a centrifugal clutch.?

Picture of Where around the house can you find a centrifugal clutch.?
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orksecurity8 years ago
Basically, anything where the motor does not move anything else when it's idling, but engages automatically when it is sped up. That's pretty much the definition of what a centrifugal clutch is intended to do, after all.
vince 098 years ago
some weed eaters have them. or a go-cart
snotty8 years ago
I think a drum brake has a similar mechanism. You'd have to squeeze a weight on an arm into there somewhere to make the brake shoes engage when it spins fast. Hmm sounds like a fun project (AKA pain in the a$$).

What size of mechanism do you need? What's the application?
 High-powered electric toothbrushes have them, as do electric shavers and window a/cs.  Some of the older mobile refrigerators also had centrifugal clutches, but manufacturers stopped using them because of the squealing noise they made.  Small ones can be found in hearing aids and pacemakers.

Glad you got rescued.  What happened?
Methinks he's a fireperson,
 Oh.  I didn't think of that.  Me = duh

happens to me all the time. (and who knows, I could be wrong) ;-)
Re-design8 years ago
Weedeater, gokart, minibike,
lemonie8 years ago
Why do you want to know? You're thinking of building a go-kart with an engine that doesn't have one?
You need to find an engine that does, like Frollard suggests a chainsaw is one idea.

seandogue8 years ago
try this

looks like the kind of thing we used to put on lawnmower engines for motorbikes and similar junk.
frollard8 years ago
a chainsaw

Chain does not move unless the speed of the motor goes up, then the centripital force pushes the clutch out into the chain-cog-transfer assembly.
A riding lawn mower, a chainsaw, or a Yomega yo-yo.