Where can I buy a cool briefcase like you see on movies?

I want looking briefcase sooo bad! i want to carve out foam inserts to store all my gadgets. I want it to be not that expensive but I can suffer if i have to.

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schwabie7 years ago
get a samsonite breifcase
kelseymh7 years ago
You mean the aluminum shell cases that beautifully coiffed terrorists use to carry their overpriced weapons?

Try some of these.  Who would have thought that a search could provide answers?
Hey, some people are lazy, you should respect that, but thank you anyway for the answer because it wasn't important enough to type in a search for.
Why respect laziness?  It's yet another reflection of the insufferable sense of entitlement that seems to pervade the current generation.
As a member of "the current generation" I should find that somewhat insulting and respond with a comment that reflects that, but I'm not insulted at all, in fact, I agree with you, the current generation is far too lazy, myself included.In all fairness, I think its the lawyers that are to blame(if you pay them enough they can make anyones stupidity sound like an accident and pin it on someone else).
onrust7 years ago
Zero is usually used on movie.  And suffer you will at $235
.  I LOVE my Zero Halliburton case. I use it as a camera case. Had it so long (since the early-1980s) the foam started to deteriorate and had to be replaced. Cheap they ain't, but they'll last dang near forever (except for the foam heehee).
orksecurity7 years ago
Or find a cheap or used briefcase (try goodwill, freecycle, and the like), dress it up, find foam sheeting and make your own cutouts in it, and assemble.