Where can I buy a one way mirror?

I'm going to make an "infinity mirror" but i'm not sure where I can buy a one way mirror

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.Unknown.5 years ago
There are mirror tint films that you can by from some automotive stores, although I've never tried it.
In my (limited, albeit) experience, those cheap mirrored sunglasses work fine for small infinity mirrors
creaper35 years ago
I also need one what you want . Must inform us from where we can get that ones.
popewill (author)  creaper35 years ago
okay,I'll try the sunglasses and tell you how it works
Burf5 years ago
Most glass shops sell them or can tell you where to get them. If you're not too particular about size you need, you may be able to get a cut-off at a lower price.
rickharris5 years ago
A one way mirror is a partially silvered mirror such that you can still see through the glass/silvered surface.

You may get away with smoked acrylic which is partially reflective.

Or you can try taking an existing mirror and one the back cut through the silver in a series of evenly spaced and close lines - all the way to the glass.

On the silver side you get reflection - On the back side you can see through.