Where can I buy a wii Call Of Duty: Black Ops Headset???


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slithien6 years ago
If you mean a wii speak then try ebay on the cheapest buy it now, i did that and got one new for £10!!! Thats £5 cheaper than normal retailers.
cj814996 years ago
Thanks for best answer!!!
webby427 (author)  cj814996 years ago
Np and yes.
cj814996 years ago
search for PDP’s Headbanger Headset under shopping on google i couldn't get it to show results from your area, british area as i found. but here is what i got. LINKY!!!!
cj81499 cj814996 years ago
link not working try this. http://www.google.com/search?q=PDP’s+Headbanger+Headset&hl=en&client=safari&sa=X&rls=en&biw=934&bih=772&tbs=shop:1&prmd=ivns
webby427 (author)  cj814996 years ago
It comes back no results.
webby427 (author)  cj814996 years ago
Yep. :(
Did You Try Ebay?
aelias366 years ago
Google is your friend. Although I've already used it for you:

webby427 (author)  aelias366 years ago
Thanks but its in American currency, I'm British.:)

You didn't get the idea to go looking yourself then?
Where did your wii come from anyway?

webby427 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I did go looking, but it was very expensive. I thaught that someone might know about a cheaper deal. I got my wii from ASDA.
ASDA may not stock these, so "expensive" is probably it, unless you wait a few months.
Keep looking on eBay perhaps?

webby427 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
yokozuna6 years ago
nfk116 years ago
go to gamestop.com if you have it or Ebay