Where can I buy aluminum powder?

I don't want to buy 1 Ib. of this stuff and everyone on Ebay sells in 1 Ib. increments or more. Help??

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Duffman14 years ago
I've been looking for some powdered aluminium for thermite. I've tried the usual places like ebay and most online places that are the first choice for easy shopping but most have stated that they are coated with a protective chemical layer, will this coating have a big effect on the energy output of the reaction or would I be better tracking down a provider who sells it uncoated?
다녈깅 Duffman110 months ago

We are selling the aluminium granules for thermite in Korea.Please send me e-mail about your offer (kjk7622@naver.com)

On sale from china import aluminum powder in 25 kg packing a total of
250 tons with a net price of idr 13.000, - / kg (thirteen thousand
rupiah / kg) the location of goods in northern Jakarta with mechanism : serious
buyers send LETTER OF INTEREST and LETTER OF CLOSURE PRICE. if you interest it please send to my email jk_aris_gp@yahoo.com

AINews4 years ago
I'm looking for aluminum powder for cold casting. What size is best to look like actual aluminum?
jakobe005 years ago
10 lbs. of regular aluminum powder. 30 micron. I am selling 1 lb for $ 9.00, 2 lbs. for $17, and 5 lbs. for $38.00. Shipping/Handling $11.00. Let me know if you are interested.

P.S. This once again is regular aluminum powder. Not any type of German Dark or Ekhart powder.
daniel,kim5 years ago
please let me know what size you want?

we can supply the aluminium powder (AL : 99% min)

My mail add : kjk7622@naver.com

Thank you.
Pyro77 years ago
I've done my share of purchasing, grinding my own (rest in pieces Mr. Coffee Grinder), and a myriad of other applications.

Best place to buy? Star Molecule, hands down. It was faster burning, hotter, and a military grade aluminum powder at that. It worked better than German Dark (by far) and the Eckart powders. And yes, I have used it.

The site is located at www.StarMolecule.com

Its a very dark powder, and has a lot of kick, however... it is not good for powder coating, or custom flake paints (at least not what they are selling on there), they had other types, that I do not see at the moment.
n1cod3mus7 years ago
i bought aluminium powder (250g) and iron oxide (600g) (strangely thats a ratio of 8:3 lol) for less than £10 on ebay, guess what i made! :-D
LOL you lucky, I hope you didn't came back home without one hand :O but anyway, did you bought them, like, together or seperatly? And isn't the ratio of 8 Al for 3 iron oxide? But on topic, maybe you could make buy it at other stores then Ebay, break open an Etch-a-Sketch, I heard that the stuff inside is pure Al powder :D. That would cost you maybe more for that quantity then you would on Ebay, but if you're not gonna use all that lb of powder, thats maybe better that way.
chemguy (author) 7 years ago
I know but I don't have a ball mill. Thanks though. I might just buy a cheap rock tumbler.
cdubnbird7 years ago
 of course you wouldn't be making thermite haha
Kiteman7 years ago
Try craft or model-making stores - it is sometimes sold as an additive or pigment to make paints and varnishes shiny and metallic in appearance. 
yokozuna7 years ago