Where can I buy an optocoupler?

I should be using an optocoupler for a circuit I am building, but I have no idea where to buy them. Radioshack has no hits for them. I'd prefer not to have to buy online. Where can I find these in a store?

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iceng6 years ago
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appolo6 years ago
You can find them in scrap USB corded computer mice!! it's the device that the segmented rotating discs turn through!! and known as opto couplers.
iceng6 years ago
You can scavenge them from TV power supplies.
Look up electronic supply stores in the phonebook, or use one of the catalogue guys like Newark, Digikey whatever.

Also look for "opto-isolator" instead.

Good point; "opto-isolator", with or without the dash, is probably a better bet.

I foolishly assumed that if the querant didn't like buying via the Internet s/he wouldn't want to buy via paper mail either. But that isn't always true.
orksecurity6 years ago
Find a real electronic parts store. Yes, they are few and far between these days outside -- and even inside -- major cities. Some of the old stores which still do home-entertainment repair still have parts. If you've got a local community of experimenters -- if someone's running a hackerspace -- they might have some stock.

But you may not have any alternative to mail-ordering, or assembling your own out of an LED and a photosensor. See the "make a simple optocoupler" Instructable; it's at the top of the Related column at right.