Where can I buy cheap land and legally live in a tent or yurt full-time?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a state or town in the US where I could buy a small, cheap piece of land and legally live in a tent or a yurt full-time?
I really didnt even know where to begin looking for advice on this....So Im hoping some awesome person on this website will have ideas.
These are the things I am more specifically looking for:
I would like to move to an area that doesn't get much (if any) snow. I would like to buy no more then about 5 acres in the woods somewhere, and do NOT need utilities or buildings, and I would be fine living on logged land and possibly "problem land". The land would have to have access by road...And preferably no further then 30-40 minutes from a town. Oh, and I won't live in Florida.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know! Thank you!!

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DonM9611 months ago

Ryan, clearly no one seems to be able to give you a yes or no asIm also asking the same question. I do see Frank trying to sell a Yurt idea but clearly isn't trying to answer your question. Need to stop advertising and actually answer the posted question Frank.

FrankA661 year ago

What happened to my earlier post? It dissipated quickly. I was inviting people to live in a Yurt community with like minded people. For more information BeDebtFREE2@Gmail.com Subject Line Yurt Living. 910 528 6592.

DUCKS ON THE LAKE.jpglake view matthew st.jpg30-Pacific-Yurt-Lakeside2.jpg30-Pacific-Yurt-Fire-Pit.jpg
FrankA661 year ago

Ryan: Before you jump off grid you should try before you buy.It only makes sense. There are communities where you can experience Yurt living for a week month six months or a year. If you love it then you will be fully committed to follow your heart! For more information BeDebtFREE2@Gmail.com Subject Line Yurt living. 910 528 6592

DUCKS ON THE LAKE.jpglake view matthew st.jpg30-Pacific-Yurt-Lakeside2.jpg30-Pacific-Yurt-Fire-Pit.jpg
PeggyM451 year ago

Peggy Medina ---- I have been considering living in a tent for three years to save money to buy two acres of land in Colorado . Right now I am paying $607.98 of rent on a $730.00 a month income . Only $90.00 a month of my rent goes toward equity on my trailer . I have lived in this trailer for four years and this trailer costs $15000'00 . I think I would be better of living in a tent for a few years . This way I could save money to buy land to live on and save for a car . I could eventually convert an old bus into a home and not have to pay out my entire Social Security Income to land owners . I am fourtynine years old and I would like to use my income to become a home and property owner . Is there land in Colorado that is cheep ?

Peggy I am not so sure about Colorado, but if you would like a warmer climate I have property on the lake at lakeview, NC 28350 check it out You could put a Yurt up there and live only a few miles from town and 8 miles from a city. You can see the property if you send me an e-mail BeDebtFREE2@Gmail.com subject Yurt Living.


I am looking to buy vacant land outside of the city . I could have the country life and be close enough to drive or walk to the city when I need to . I would like to buy this land on month to month payments if there is land like this available .

I can be contacted on facebook - Paranormalmist777@gmail.com

I am looking for almost the exact same thing myself! I could have written the same with the added clause of "near an ocean, preferably ". I want to live in natures peace and look at the stars as I fall asleep. But I am flat broke. I have been searching for free land. First step is to find out if it is legal though. I don't see an answer to that here. V

EsenK2 years ago

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EsenK2 years ago
CoCoRL12342 years ago

hey ... lets get married ;-)

double26 years ago
there are counties in Colorado that do not require building permits. There are very affordable properties in eastern Oregon but they are not close to anything.

Ironically enough we have 80 acres for sale in NE California that has a good road, 10 miles from a town (not a city), it is 2 separate tax lots, has 2 wells (one is geothermal), 2 cabins and a shop, adjacent to BLM,, with amazing views of the wilderness. You can have a yurt there because it is a temporary structure but legally living in it full time I am not sure about.......
mlook double25 years ago
hey did you still have that land for sale?
double2 mlook5 years ago
yes we do, one 40 acre parcel is 69,000 and the other is 109,000.
The California desert. Land auctions. See the Rancho Costa Nada site: ranchocostanada.itgo.com
iPodGuy7 years ago
I bought 5 acres in Red Oak, Oklahoma about 6 years ago for $1500 total.

It's my backup plan.
aeray7 years ago
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming...  Yurts are usually considered non-permanent structures, so no permits are necessary, and you can stay in one as long as you like on your own land.
paganwonder7 years ago
East Texas piney woods
There's the Mesa.

Also I hear Pripyat is beautiful this time of year, although you said "legally", and I'm pretty sure the words "exclusion zone" imply no squatting. Yet at the same time I'm not sure how enthusiastic they are about clearing people out.

If you don't want to abandon urban life completely, there's People's Park, Berkeley, CA.

Also there's the Intentional Community directory: