Where can I buy dry ice from locally?

I live in London England, and was wondering where I would be able to buy dry ice, on a consumer level. Eg, maybe a kg worth. If anyone knows the name of a supplier, it would be most helpful.

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Wyle_E8 years ago
Companies that sell liquid carbon dioxide to bars and restaurants often offer the solid form as a sideline.
CO,2, has no liquid form
It does have a liquid form, but only at higher pressures. At atmospheric pressure, liquid CO2 would instantly vaporize.
that's what i meant
ya right
Notbob (author)  Wyle_E8 years ago
do you happen to know any company names?
conrad24688 years ago
I buy my dry ice from a local grocery store....they usually have it stored in back.....or in "walmart's" case right by the front door.
Second that. Grocery store.
ve2vfd8 years ago
I don'T know about your area, but look in the yellow pages for dry ice. Around here I get "Praxair" and "BOC Gasses"