Where can I buy pure sodium metal?

Where can I buy pure sodium metal and is it legal?

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iceng2 years ago

Just breathing near the sodium pellet liberates hydrogen from the moisture on your breath. Best storage is when the pellets are submersed in mineral oil.

iceng iceng2 years ago

You do know, the salt you consume daily is composed sodium_metal and chloride_gas both unpleasant and dangerous elements.

OccamsK iceng1 year ago

Almost as dangerous as that nasty dihydrogen monoxide stuff.....

He means that the chlorine and sodium metal are dangerous, not the compound. But no, go ahead, take a bite, tell me what it tastes like.

It is legal to own Sodium metal in the United States. It is legal to sell Sodium metal in the United States. The usage of Sodium metal must be in accordance with local, state, and federal law. You can buy Sodium metal at www.solutionmaterials.com

It is legal to own Sodium metal in the United States. It is legal to sell Sodium metal in the United States. The usage of Sodium metal must be in accordance with local, state, and federal law. You can Sodium metal at www.solutionmaterials.com

There are methods to reduce the metal, in an electrolytic cell, from sodium chloride.

Here's a useful site on liberating sodium.


Neat site .

Alcaline metals are a bit hard to obtain these days.
I wanted some potassium last year and will not bother ordering it again.
A local supplier might be a different story though...

Ordered 10g from Russia using Ebay.
About 3 weeks later I got a letter from the customs office stating they seized an illegal item that I tried to import.
A form for a statement was attached if I felt the need to explain myself.
As I did not order anything illegal (so I thought) I totally ignored the letter, no specifications about the item or origin were included anyway.

A while later my potassium still showed that it had left russia but nothing in regards to the arrival.
Seller as nice enough to send out another batch assuming it was lost in transit.
Again 3 weeks I got another letter from customs, this time asking to pay a 800$ fine for the repeated attemt of importing illegal goods.
They included a phone number this time and I used it.
Of course the potassium was the culprit!
The seller claimed on the customs form the contents were lab equippment (most likely to avoid customs problems....).
Long story short, after explaining that I had no clue about these restrictions and that they include metals (and considering the small quantity) it was agreed to be a mistake and the fine removed.

So before you order anywhere outside your home country double check the aviation restrictions and local customs restriction for importing such items.
There are other options available to light a fire using water but the chemicals required are not harmless either.

www.solutionmaterials.com. ... all the Sodium and Potassium you need.

Vyger2 years ago

You can get small amounts on E bay but shipping it might be a problem.

It doesn't say in your profile but if you are in school you might ask a chemistry teacher. They can get supplies like that and if you work under their supervision they may be willing to let you do some experiments. Possible even get some extra credit. In my experience teachers are often willing to go out of their way to work with students who actually want to learn.

Other than that a chemical supply warehouse would be the next choice.

bwrussell2 years ago

If you can find some then you should be fine doing that. Most people just want to throw it in a pool or toilet which could lead to injuries and/or damage.

rickharris2 years ago

You will need to find a chemical storehouse BUT most will NOT supply to private addresses. I think you may find it expensive as well.


Actually not as expensive as I thought.

bwrussell2 years ago

Not here. Have you tried a search engine? Most likely you'll be buying it online so searching online is probably your best bet. Some sort of chemical supply store probably could too but may not sell it to anybody off the street.

I suspect I know where this is going so please keep your safety, and the safety of anybody involved, in mind. Also property destruction laws.