Where can I find PET recycled fabric?

I'm looking to make a messenger bag and a few other things, but instead of buying new ballistic nylon fabric, I want to get PET fabric. Where can I find this sold by the yard?

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Dear sarah, This is Steven from Suzhou,China. I can produce hundreds of polyester woven PET recycle fabric. Poplin (plain),twill,and dobby,Recycle PET/Nylon/Cotton fabric,Recycle PET/Cotton Fabric. # Recycel fabric can be applied to beach shorts,out-wear garment,fashion wear(With Memory function),Shopping bags,etc. # The percentage of Recycle PET yarn can be varified from 10% to 100%. Only the percentsge of that is over 30% can provide Test Report and Hang-Tag. # All the fabric can be water proof. # The color fastness can reach AATCC grade 4. # For making tote bags,I recommend the Recycle PET Oxford Fabric,150D*150D. We also can provide the NON-WOVEN PET FABRIC.100% PET. You may contact with me via scstevenchueng@gmail.com

hello steven ,

Hi i am looking for the product which your in your post , can you revert me back along with your contact detail at my e mail ID - farhan@netflex.in

avfl1232 years ago

Why no suppliers in India where high population and PET bottle consumption there....?

Daisy wang6 years ago
Daisy wang6 years ago
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Please have a look at our website: www.rpetchina.com . you will find there are many products same as the ones you displayed.
Anyway, you could find some other items which you can also put on your market.
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TERESA.MS8 years ago
PET material is very popular in North America, If you want more details, let me know
hello we are looking for pet fabric in the united states if you know of any please let me know
I am looking for a manufacturer or recyled nylon pet fabric. Do you know of any?
Our company can provide polyster PET recycle fabric and other chemical fabric. Plz contact with me via scstevenchueng@gmail.com
Best Regards,
Steven Chueng
I work at a Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft store (there are lots around the US, although I'm not sure about out of the country, and I'm not sure where you are from), and I know that we sell 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of felt made exclusively out of recycled PET bottles. And some of the bigger super stores (like my own) sell bolts of the felt fabric as well. I'm not sure where else you can get it, but a quick search on the internet for the stuff might turn up the manufacturers where you get it wholesale. Hope that helps.
Ahh, did a quick search and found their info site and retail/distributors list.


alexander.m8 years ago
If you want to make an environmentally friendly bag, why don't you make one out of cotton or canvases witch dose not use any petroleum and can decompose .
sarahfish (author)  alexander.m8 years ago
Thanks for the thought, I appreciate your idea. Traditionally, I have used canvases, but I tend to blow through them pretty quickly, and just have to make another bag. My thought on using the PET fabric is as follows: I never use plastic water bottles, but as environmentally friendly as I am, at the end of the day, lots of people use petrol products, and hopefully most of them at least recycle what they use. So the plastics are out there, why not turn them into something useable, like PET fabric? The PET fabrics (the kind I'm looking for at least) are much tougher than a lot of canvases, more stain resistant, and waterproof. Also, it's reused, which in my eyes, can be even "greener" than starting with a new piece of cotton or hemp, even if they were grown organically.