Where can I find Spring steel for use in forging?

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Blade Fiend8 years ago
Try www.McMaster Carr.com
ARGoR8 years ago
Another possible source of, what I think is spring steel, is 'torsion bars'. These are found in column taillifts. From what limited understanding I have of taillifts, they are located inside tha platform so act against its weight making it lighter to fold down. If you source you’re local taillift service agent; e.g. In N.I. that could be Drumack Coachworks. (Yellow pages or web) They replace these in lifts quite frequently and chances are they have broken ones discarded as scrap with negligible value. Hope this if of use.
leaf springs from your local car junk yard.
652800 (author)  shantinath10008 years ago
I have tried this but they will not allow me to take anything
jtobako 6528008 years ago
A lot of people will say 'junkyard' without having been there. More and more scrapyards aren't letting people in because of insurance or safety reasons. And, they want to make money-letting you 'take' something cuts into their income. And, without the right tools and support, removing springs can be difficult and dangerous. Talk to a mechanic. Find out if they have broken springs. Try a parts-puller (they remove usable parts from junk cars) and see if they have any springs as scrap. Try walking the roads-I've found lots of steel that way. Buy it from a spring maker or metal supply. Talk to some of the 'scrappers' who look for scrap metal to recycle. Ask someone who is replacing garage door springs, or call a company that does it and ask what they do with the old springs. If you have space, you can start your own 'junkyard' by looking at something like 'craig's list' or tearing down scrap and finding out how hard it is. Don't expect anyone to 'give' you anything. Springs take time to remove, why should you get them for free?
another one is car springs. the actual coiled up ones. You could away look for old abandoned cars in the bush, or check out a local suspension shop, or a scrap metal recycler. You should be able to buy whatever you want from the car junk yard. Or are you looking to get free stuff?
Look in your yellow pages under metals. If there's nothing, look for a local metal worker and ask.