Where can I find a cheap motorcycle frame?

I am looking for a motorcycle frame (whatever condition) for under $100. It can have all of the parts, some of them or none of them, it doesn't matter. It does not need an engine or carburator.

glorybe7 years ago
Motorcycle frames need to be purchased complete with the title to the bike. Their are motorcycle wrecking yards in many states. Possession of any frame without a title puts you in great legal jeopardy as it very well may be stolen. This is becoming an ever greater problem as some states now will not allow bike wrecks to be retitled. The way the state knowns is through insurance company reports when a bike is more expensive to repair than the market price of the bike. Sadly this can simply mean that an expensive exhaust or tank or fairing that is ruined can cause the entire bike to be scraped. There was a time when scooping up two identical wrecks could yield one really good bike. That opportunity is now ruined in some states.
lemonie7 years ago

Go "fishing" in a canal. (I knew someone who did, but he couldn't manage to get the bike out...

Re-design7 years ago
You local motorcycle shop probably have a few "dead" bikes out back. Craigs list may list a few.
Burf7 years ago
Check with your local auto wrecking and salvage yards. Most of them will have some they are either parting out or about to scrap.