Whats the difference between a 1/2w resistor and a 1/4w resistor?

I am in need of a 33ohm 1/4W resistor. The closest I can find is a 33ohm 1/2w resistor. the source voltage is 6v, the leds(2) 2.6V each with a 28 MA current. Is that ok?

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dog digger5 years ago
A half watt resistor can only handle a half watt worth of electricity before the values change or it heats up. That's simply it! If you are in need of a 1/4w resistor, a 1/2 watt resistor will be fine, if not better. A higher wattage rating, the more power it can handle
hunter1125 (author)  dog digger5 years ago
cool, thanks man.
hunter1125 (author) 7 years ago
oops edited an old question. shows old awnsers. please answer!
You would need to make a few trade offs, I would personally recommend a larger(even slightly larger would be better) speaker, and if you feel the speakers are underpowered(including your old one), add an amp circuit to it(your choice as to which one, but try to build one with a nice gain) you would need a way to drive the circuit(power), but if you use one it will give you a much cleaner and louder sound. It would take some more work, as well as more searching, but you would end up with a much nicer result.
kelseymh7 years ago
Look up "pieozelectric speaker" in Google, and you'll find lots of results.  One issue will be the low-frequency response.  Speakers cannot easily produce sounds with wavelengths larger than themselves, so a 1" diameter speaker is likely to sound "squeaky" or "tinny."
Generally "small", "cheap", "powerful" and "decent sounding" can't be found in a single device. Pick your trade-offs...