Where can I find a (very) small auger?

For some reason, I have found it very difficult to find an auger that is 1" or less in diameter and is long enough for practical use.  I have needed such a thing for both a science project as well as an automatic feeder.  

I have only found this part in the form of parts in toys.  One of the toys is a demonstration of an archimedes screw water lifter, which I have obtained but it's not long enough to be terribly practical.  The other is from an old toy grain auger that isn't made anymore.  Similar ones are still produced, but the augers are made of plastic and aren't entirely straight or flush with their enclosure.  

The best one I've found is in this toy:


I'd like to know of any manufacturers that make augers similar to that, whether they be metal or plastic.  I'd rather not blow money on expensive antique toys and destroy them.

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I'm after a light weight plastic one. Any width from 1" to 2" for science experiments.

I have to have (make myself I guess) a 100% tight fitting outer tube of some kind around auger circumference like Archimedes' screw pump had.

Maybe this would work for you? https://www.sephra.com/accessories-parts/plastic-auger-for-select-cf16e.html - You could get a couple and cut/join them together to get a longer one, and you could glue a sheet of thin plastic (like acetate) around the outside to get the tight fit. Let me know if you find anything similar/better!

Thanks a lot for that. I have just written to them.

Are you moving a liquid ?

And do you need a right or left hand auger ?

You really should start with your own question because.

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Yes, I'm moving water & auger rotation direction is not important.
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Just wind some tube around a plastic pipe. If you don't know about a hot glugun then I hope you know about (MacGyver) duck tape..

And you would get the idea of Best Answer if you asked your own question instead of slipping into a one year old blog..

MarkH2761 year ago

Try wood working tools, carpenters use auger a lot and very small ones too.

ChristoD21 year ago

I have a similar requirement. Did you ever find anything?

rickharris3 years ago

The logical answer is make one the size you need . What do you want to deliver? A plastic tube wrapped round a cylinder will transport liquids quite well..




Delightful !

Burf3 years ago

If you need precision and a variety of sizes and diameters auger drill bits should work.

auger drill bits.jpg
iceng3 years ago

Try here

Um, where? I think that link labeled "here" is broken.

seandogue iceng3 years ago

here as well, if it's of any help.

iceng seandogue3 years ago

I seems like imbedding in a text is not working for you ether seandogue !

seandogue iceng3 years ago

rassfrassamuddermuddermudder... I checked the Embedded link using their checker too and it worked fine. Link is noted below. Very nice site and apparently not the only one. Thanks for the push to look. I have need of one for a 3D printing related project I'll be embarking on next spring..


Ravenstine (author)  seandogue3 years ago

That's probably the closest I've seen so far. I'd be interested in getting prices from them, as similar small augers seem to be expensive since they are usually made of steel. I would also prefer a lighter material than steel, as I would want the auger to be driven by something with low torque(not a power drill or the like). One of the reasons I am considering buying one of those farm toys is because toys are usually made of less-dense material.

A small stepper would probably drive one of the ones I noted very easily, even if made of steel. They aren't very substantial torque loads, unless for instance, you were pushing cement. (I own a drill operated mortar pusher for tuck-pointing that gets clogged very easily even with mortar conditioner mixed in.) I *think that for dry material, you should have few if any issues. I have no idea yet what their pricing is though.

Oh, btw, my search was simply "miniature augers"

That link works. Thank you!