Where can I find colored styrofoam?

I'm trying to make my own plastic using acetone and styrofoam; however I would like to create colors other than white.  Is there anywhere I can find black styrofoam, or any other color besides white?  Also, if anyone knows a method for creating colored plastic using the traditional white styrofoam, and some other ingredient(s) that would be great as well.

Edit:  Meat trays/plates come in colored varieties; where can I find these?

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rickharris6 years ago
I doubt other than specilist suppliers you will find much coloured Styrofoam.

you can get pink and blue insulation foam.

If you want to make plastic - add Borax to White PVA glue - about a tea spoonfull to half a glass of PVA will do stir and pour into a mould - It will harden.
Rickharris. I don't think Iv'e commented on you for some time, hello again. I had no idea about this "plastic" idea. Can't wait to try it with drops of colour to see what it's like. If anyone has used it and can show us a picture , that would be great.
http://www.practicalchemistry.org/experiments/pva-polymer-slime,153,EX.html  Food colour works although the above discusses the production of slime - Adding more borax results in a solid when dry.

Shrinkage is quite considerable as PVA glue has a high water content.
Thanks for that tip.
Vyger6 years ago
I have some big sheets used for insulation that are green and I have also seen them in red/pink. So those are at the lumber yard.

When you dissolve Styrofoam in gasoline you get Napalm.