Where can I find some road signs to make furniture out of?

I've been looking at a lot of cool Instructables on road sign furniture that I wanted to try out.  Where can I find some.

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You could try asking the local road department what they do with their scrap ones.
+1. Any other answer is going to involve either theft, or buying road signs new.
...or possbly, faking them....Take aluminium sheets, paint, blast with a shotgun and roll over with a semi a few times......perfection.
True. Though actually the bent sign I rescued, many years ago, is steel.

(When people ask me what my sign is, I can truthfully say "No Parking".)
Czech Point,  my favorite road sign :-)    A
Re-design6 years ago
Some cities have set up stores to sell used road signs etc. since there is a real market for them.

Be aware that in most places owning any road sign not marked obsolete is a felony.