Where can I find the best wallpaper ever?

Woo! I'm redecorating my room! Now I only need to find one thing- wallpaper. I found this wallpaper, but it's $700 to paper half of my room, obviously over my budget. I've looked everywhere, but I'm yet to find more affordable and just-as-awesome wallpaper. Can anybody out there help me find some? Thank you!

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Jayefuu7 years ago
Could you use lining paper to line your room, paint the lining paper with a coat of white paint, then when dry use a variety of stencils to get the same pattern as the wallpaper you really really like?
Likewise, +1.
Kiteman Jayefuu7 years ago
carsonwelch7 years ago
I would see if you can sketch the design into 1 cell of the repeating pattern...i.e. all four sides line up properly if you repeat that one segment over and over again. Then take it to a copy shop or print shop and ask them to photocopy it onto transparency paper. Then borrow an overhead projector from work, a local school, or even buy one from Staples and return it the next day. Then tape the transparency onto the projector so it doesn't move. Figure out the distance from the wall needed to get the perfect size for your pattern, then make a square/rectangle with masking tape on the floor that is this exact distance from every wall. Now you can move the projector around the room, keeping the front face parallel to this line on the floor. This will give you one strip of the pattern all the way around the room...which you've presumably traced with pencil...then lower or raise the projector by some amount (on a chair/stool) and repeat the process. Once you have the whole thing stenciled in, you can paint them in. Very labor intensive, but incredibly cheap! Black paint, a pencil...and lots of time!
Find someone with a large format printer ! Get them to print a room full of stencilled paper.

I've got a suitable printer at work, and I keep thinking of something "Escher" like for it....
Not everyone has a workshop as fancy as yours though steve :(
Its not "mine" its the company's.....
I've got one an it's mine.  All mine.  I just don't have time to do many things with it.